Language course German B2 Nursing (sponsored)

With our state-sponsored German courses of the special module "health professions" (nursing, geriatric nursing, health care, pediatric nursing, maternity care or physiotherapy) you can optimally prepare for the language examination required for your professional recognition. If you want to have your completed training in a health profession recognized in Germany or if you are currently training for a health profession abroad and would like to work in Germany afterwards, then this course is just right for you. The course takes place as a face-to-face class on site or as an online language course via video conference (virtual classroom).

You can attend the course if you:

- have a certificate of general or subject-specific knowledge of German at language level B1

- have submitted or would like to submit an application for recognition or examination of your knowledge in nursing, geriatric nursing, health care, pediatric nursing, maternity care or physiotherapy to the respective authorities

- have completed training or studies in nursing, health care, geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, maternity care or physiotherapy in your home country

- are already working as a nursing assistant or assistant in a health profession

- would like to work in Germany as a nurse, geriatric nurse, health care worker, pediatric nurse, midwife or physiotherapist after completing their training or studies abroad.

In small groups (3-12 participants), general and specialist language skills are taught in a medical context. This course deals with topics such as informal communication with patients and relatives (admission, counselling, etc.) or professional communication with colleagues and doctors (handover, prescriptions, expert opinions, care planning and documentation, etc.).

The course concludes with the examination "telc Deutsch B1/B2 Pflege", a language test tailored to health care professions. As a participant in the language course, you will be intensively prepared for this. You can also take the exam with us, as we are also licensed as a telc examination center.

Our courses are based on a comprehensive curriculum, which we have continually adapted over the years to meet the current challenges of the profession. We use specially developed teaching materials to ensure individual and targeted teaching. The courses conclude with the mandatory language exam, for which you will be intensively prepared here.

Our lessons are characterized by the fact that they are conducted by certified language lecturers for German in the healthcare sector. The colleagues have extensive knowledge in teaching medical terminology and some have already worked in the healthcare sector themselves.

In addition, we also use specialist lecturers from the field, e.g. nursing managers or nursing professionals with many years of professional experience, to supplement the teaching. Our specialist lecturers provide participants with authentic insights into the German way of working and prepare them intensively in conversation simulations for the specialist language examination as well as the complex communicative demands of everyday work.

Classroom or online language course: German B2 Health Professions (promoted)

- Duration: 600 teaching units (approx. 6 months)

- Time: Monday - Friday, 4 to 5 teaching units daily (mornings, afternoons or evenings)

- Form: On-site classroom or online language course (videoconference, virtual classroom)

- Participants: 3-12 people

- Aim: Specialized language examination (FSP), telc German B2 Nursing

- Price: Free of charge (100% subsidized by BAMF or BA) or proportional contribution to costs (2.42 € per teaching unit; partly subsidized by BAMF or BA)

*Teaching unit: 1 unit = 45 minutes

Would you like to register for this course or do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us here.

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