FSP Preparation German C1 Pharmacy (sponsored)

With our state-sponsored German courses of the special module "Academic Medical Professions" you can prepare professionally and effectively for the Fachsprachenprüfung (FSP) of your respective Landesapothekerkammer (all federal states). If you are a pharmacist, are in the process of having your foreign professional qualification recognized and intend to take an examination to prove your professional language skills, then this type of course is just right for you. This FSP preparation course takes place as a face-to-face class on site or as an online language course via videoconference (virtual classroom).

You can register for this course if you:

- are a person with a first language other than German

- have completed a degree in pharmaceutics in your home country

- have a certificate of general or subject-specific German language proficiency at level B2

- intend to work as a pharmacist in Germany

- intend to apply to the respective state authorities for a license to practice pharmacy as part of the recognition of your profession.

In small groups from 3 participants or more, general and technical language skills are taught in a medical context. This is done on the basis of topics that are particularly relevant to the areas of pharmacist/pharmacist communication, pharmacist/patient communication, team communication and written documentation. Concrete course contents are, for example:

- Admitting patients (taking anamnesis)

- Presenting patients and their medical history both orally and in writing using medical terminology (written and oral communication with colleagues)

- Making diagnoses (physical examinations, laboratory tests, instrumental examinations) and explaining them to patients

- Recommend and justify therapies

- Use German terms and medical vocabulary as appropriate to the situation

Our courses are based on a comprehensive curriculum which we have adapted over the years to meet the current challenges of the profession. We use specially developed teaching materials to ensure individual and targeted learning. The courses conclude with the prescribed technical language examination, for which you will be intensively prepared here.

Our teaching is characterized by the fact that it is carried out by certified language lecturers in the field of German for medical professionals or German for pharmacists. Our colleagues have extensive knowledge in teaching medical terminology and some of them have already worked in the health sector themselves.

In addition, we also use specialist lecturers from the field, i.e. practicing pharmacists with many years of professional experience, to supplement the teaching. Our specialist lecturers provide participants with authentic insights into the German way of working and prepare you intensively for the specialist language examination and the complex communicative requirements of everyday medical work in conversation simulations.

Language course & FSP preparation: German C1 Pharmacy (promoted)

- Duration: 400-600 teaching units (approx. 4-6 months)

- Time: Monday - Friday, 4 to 5 teaching units daily (mornings, afternoons or evenings)

- Form: On-site classroom or online language course (videoconference, virtual classroom).

- Participants: from 3 participants or more

- Aim: Specialized language examination (FSP) of the German medical associations, telc German C1 Pharmacy

- Price: Free of charge (100% subsidized by BAMF or BA) or proportional contribution to costs (2.42 € per teaching unit; partly subsidized by BAMF or BA)

*Teaching unit: 1 unit = 45 minutes

Would you like to register for this course or do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact us here.

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