Project Rural Medicine

The ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest risks to health care in Germany. We must assume that this development will have a greater impact in rural areas than in urban areas. According to studies, there are already significant differences in the level of care between urban and rural areas: the level of medical care in cities is often still 100% and more, whereas rural areas sometimes only reach 60-80%.

The central problems in rural areas are the difficulty of filling vacancies and the arduous search for practice successors when the previous practice owners retire. The consequence is that, for example, fewer treatment hours are available or certain specialties are no longer covered at all. At the same time, the mobility of increasingly older patients is reduced, resulting in a glaring gap in care in rural areas.

We are addressing this situation with our rural medicine project. Here we mediate between facilities in rural areas and our course participants. Our goal is to strengthen the medical infrastructure in rural areas by having international specialists take up work there or even take over a practice themselves.

Many professionals from abroad can very well imagine practicing their profession in rural areas. Quite a few of them would even prefer rural areas to live and work. In this respect, we have made it our task to specifically establish contacts with medical institutions and owners in rural areas in order to mediate between them and our course participants.

The following models have proven successful:

- Permanent employment (permanent or temporary)

- Practice succession (taking over a practice as the new owner)

- internship (during the ongoing recognition procedure, i.e. in addition to attending the course to deepen language skills and to contribute professional competences).

We accompany our participants from the first contact to the job interview to the first weeks in the new job. We are always at their side and support them with all kinds of concerns in their new working environment. Our aim is that the project should be beneficial for everyone involved.

For private individuals or employees, the job placement service is free of charge. For institutions and employers, we charge a placement fee for permanent positions and practice successions. In the case of internships, we initially place people free of charge for both sides. If a permanent position is subsequently found, we charge the employer a placement fee.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us here.

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