Offers for Medical Institutions

AkadRe is a specialized education company that supports international medical professionals on their way to professional licensing in Germany. We support you and your staff with the following services:

- Counselling: professional recognition procedure, professional license, approbation, visa, residence, application, government funding opportunities, correspondence with offices and departments.

- Language courses: Specialist language German courses specific to each professional group (doctors, dentists, pharmacists or nurses), FSP preparation (specialist language exam), on-site classroom teaching, online language course (video conferencing), simulations with specialist lecturers from the field.

- Examinations: Professional language exam (FSP), telc German exams (e.g. telc German C1 Medicine, telc German B2 Nursing, telc German C1 University, telc German B2-C1 Profession)

- Training: individual and group coaching on communication, career and job application in the German health system, general German language courses for beginners, exam preparation (FSP, telc)

- Job placement: permanent employment, practice succession, internship as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or nurse or nursing specialist

We support your employees in establishing themselves in Germany and integrating into your team in the long term. Our team is looking forward to your enquiry! Please feel free to contact us here.

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