Job Placement

Job Placement for Nursing Staff and Nursing Specialists

The ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest risks to health care in Germany. Various factors, such as demographic change, are exacerbating the situation. Addressing the shortage of skilled workers is therefore a top priority in the German health care system. In this context, the search for international specialists is one of the most frequently mentioned measures by those responsible in medical institutions in order to be able to guarantee optimal health care for patients in the future as well.

This is where we come in and place vacancies in the healthcare sector. Due to our primary activity in specialized education, we have a strong network of course-participating nurses or nursing specialists as well as medical institutions of all kinds (hospitals, practices, care institutions, authorities, etc.). We use this network to mediate between international professionals and institutions when vacancies arise. In this way, we aim to reduce staffing problems and offer motivated professionals an opportunity in Germany.

We can offer the following job placement options:

- Permanent employment (permanent or temporary)

- Practice succession (taking over a practice as the new owner)

- Internships (during the ongoing recognition procedure, i.e. in addition to attending courses to improve language skills and to contribute professional competences).

We are in regular contact with our partners and are constantly inquiring about new vacancies. We are proud of the fact that many course participants have found their first job in Germany with our support directly after passing the technical language examination.

We accompany our participants from the first contact to the job interview to the first weeks in the new job. We are always at your side and support you with all kinds of concerns in your new working environment. Our claim is that job placement should be an advantage for all parties involved.

For private individuals or employees, the job placement service is free of charge. For institutions or employers, we charge a placement fee for permanent positions or practice successions. In the case of internships, we always place people free of charge for both sides. If a permanent position is subsequently found, we charge the employer a placement fee.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us here.

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